Silent films and performances on Estey organ help make Brattleboro exceptional

BRATTLEBORO — Many aspects of Brattleboro make it an exceptional place. Much is going on in the way of cultural and social interactions that are unique. Its visual environment is exceptional with the unique colors of each season. Its society is inviting of all cultures.

To me, a most special aspect is the potential for exceptionally unique artistic exposure.

I am a strong proponent of Epsilon Spires. Jamie Mohr, as creative director, is constantly bringing performances that otherwise would not be seen, except in New York City or possibly Boston.

One most exceptional example is how she is booking artists to use the unique sound of our fine Estey Organ to accompany silent movies, drawing theatergoers to Brattleboro from as far away as New York.

In the 1920s, filmmakers would need only to tell a story visually. In theaters, a pianist or organist would improvise a spontaneous soundtrack to accentuate and articulate the story.

Not only is this programming exceptional, it is being offered on one of the finest organs the Estey Organ Company ever built. The performers who are creating these soundtracks are uniquely impressed by what this venue offers.

Brattleboro residents need to share in the experience.

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