Chevalier, Golob, and Johnson-Aplin deserve Newfane votes

NEWFANE — As a voter of Newfane I am pleased to support three candidates for Selectboard on the ballot for this Town Meeting Day, March 1.

We have two incumbents - Ann Golob and Katy Johnson-Aplin - who have shown us their skills and commitment to town governance for all Newfane residents in the past year.

Ann brings much experience and worked hard with Katy to facilitate access to the federal money available through the U.S. government rescue plan (ARPA).

Ann also serves on the Windham Regional Planning Commission, where she was elected to the executive board and chairs its development committee. She also acts as a liaison to Newfane's Planning Commission, helping to coordinate the implementation of the town plan that the commission has worked so hard to create.

We also have a new person running for a one-year position: Jeff Chevalier. As we want to continue to invite younger generations to serve, Jeff has stepped up to the plate. He is a father and small-business owner.

He, along with Katy Johnson-Aplin, offers the perspective and concerns of young families in Newfane. After all, they are the future of our town.

I encourage everyone who is able to vote to do so for Jeff Chevalier, Ann Golob, and Katy Johnson-Aplin.