Stanford, Dever will advance and rally support for innovation

BRATTLEBORO — I encourage local residents to vote for Deborah Stanford and Lana Dever for seats on the WSESD school board.

Stanford, a seasoned educator of 35 years, will advance innovative policies and practices and rally support to see to their implementation.

Dever, an advocate for our most marginalized and vulnerable families, would bring voices of the unheard to board deliberations. Her extensive experience would bring a new level of diversity of thought to the board process.

We need a board capable of holding administrators accountable for the social climate in our buildings before critical incidents such as bullying and harassment arise. School districts across the state, including WSESD, wait until after the critical incidents to try and hold administrators accountable on an incident-by-incident basis.

I believe Stanford and Dever have the experience and skill sets necessary to work with other board members ante facto to hold administrators accountable for social climates in schools that keep students safe and learning relevant to support our multiracial democracy and global economy.

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