Dever: commitment to social justice and anti-racism

BRATTLEBORO — Our local schools are facing challenges that extend far beyond the pandemic.

In the past six months, students at Brattleboro Area Middle School and Brattleboro Union High School have endured hate speech, racial bullying, threats of violence, and a gun on campus. There have been allegations of sexual assault past and present.

Our community needs school board members who can confront these challenges with courage and clarity and bring years of experience to the table.

Lana Dever is the candidate we need. As Brattleboro's representative to the WSESD School Board, she will listen and work across our community to address the key issues facing students and educators.

A longtime Vermont resident, Lana has lived in Brattleboro for 16 years, where she's worked at and volunteered for nearly every sector of our community - including Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the United Way, The Root Social Justice Center, the Walk-in Clinic, and the Community Safety Review Committee. She knows the people who live and work in Brattleboro and works to amplify marginalized voices and foster dialogue across communities.

Lana's commitment to local youth is evident not only in her history of service but in her current position at Youth Services, as the transitions and empowerment coordinator and Youth in Transition case manager. She is a caring person, a woman of color, and a mother of two who will bring a vital perspective to the School Board.

According to School Board policy, “The Windham Southeast School District (WSESD) is an increasingly diverse community with an ongoing commitment to social justice and anti-racism.”

Lana Dever will support this commitment with all her energy and compassion. She will work for the safety of our students and help create a more just and equitable Brattleboro.

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