Eastes and Becker: people can learn from their mistakes

GUILFORD — Change is inevitable and can bring new ideas and innovation; however, some change can be a step backward and lead to harm.

Although I appreciate his energy and enthusiasm, Jason Herron would bring to the Guilford Selectboard views that are extremely concerning. Looking at his Facebook posts and rants and his strong ties to the Convention of States (supported by Sean Hannity of Fox News and others like him) reveals the type of views that often lead to unhealthy actions, to say the least.

Yes, Zon Eastes and Michael Becker, current members of the Guilford Selectboard, were part of a questionable decision regarding the Planning Commission. Although they share in the accountability for that decision, their history strongly indicates they are thoughtful people with high integrity who will take the time and devote the effort to learning from their past actions.

As I reflect upon my own involvement in various political, governmental, business, public education, spiritual, and social organizations over my 76 years of life, there are certainly decisions made by those organizations which I regret.

I also include myself of being guilty at times of making after-the-fact assessments and then being critical of those who did their best in the heat of the moment. Group dynamics produce strange results sometimes.

I'm grateful to be living in a town led by Zon Eastes and Michael Becker. Please vote for them.

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