‘This publication takes the low ground’

VERNON — While I was not surprised at the headline on this piece by Randy Holhut, I was surprised by its content. Why is it this writer cannot be open-minded enough to appreciate citizens of different political backgrounds getting involved in their community?

It has always been painfully obvious this publication has pushed liberal ideals and has been very kind to any Democrat or progressive candidates seeking public office. But to try to somehow paint these new candidates as part of a grand political plot is not only insulting to them, but to the many citizens who have many of the same convictions that they do.

Funny thing how diversity only counts if it fits a certain agenda. I believe that when we have working people who need to get out their intentions of seeking office, they should, like any other candidates, accept help where possible.

Instead, this publication takes the low ground and does whatever it can to prevent working-class folks who have different ideas and views from holding office.

In the current economic climate, it would seem reasonable to me that keeping a close and transparent record of what is being spent, and what the towns receive for these expenditures, be of interest to every resident.

I think the two worst statements came from Skye Morse: “My fear is that this is a right wing bid to influence our next round of federal elections by controlling local governments.” And even worse: “Do not be fooled. This is a dog whistle for the white supremacist movement.”

So much for factual reporting. I hope the voters of Guilford could see this kind of mud slinging being done to these candidates and could see the need to vote for them in the upcoming election. Anyone who knows them knows just how ridiculous these statements are.

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