Yes — but what about the atrocities in Yemen?

BRATTLEBORO — The vicious seven-year war on Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is an ongoing humanitarian crisis aided and abetted by the United States. The media and the U.S. Congress decry Russia's imperial destruction of Ukraine.

Yes - but what about the atrocities in Yemen?

The U.S. supplies the majority of weapons that kill the children, women, and men of Yemen. The military-industrial-media complex is thriving under Biden and the Democratic congressional leadership. Hypocrisy is also thriving.

According to the United Nations, Yemen is on the verge of collapse with millions starving. Recent efforts at funding relief have fallen far short of the $4 billion requested. Four billion - what small price to pay to save millions of people.

Vermont's congressional delegation should renew their efforts to cut off arms sales to the Saudi/UAE slaughter.

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