Brattleboro needs to revisit the Rescue Inc. decision

BRATTLEBORO — It seems to me that a new town manager should at least experience one year of what has been going on for over 50 years and try to understand what a decision to change such a longstanding performance means to the town.

When the Brattleboro Fire Department has to take over the operation with two new ambulances, at a cost of around $400,000 each, hire and train the new staff, and cover medical and other benefits, it will find out that it is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

I don't believe that all costs have been considered.

It has taken 50 years or so to build Rescue Inc. This year's cost has been projected to be the same. Does the town understand that Rescue does benefits to raise money and many people in town donate funds to support it? I can't imagine the fire department holding fundraising events.

I am losing respect for our Selectboard members. Years ago, the pay was $500 a year, and we met every week, not counting the extra meetings. I just can't believe that a new town manager with about four months on the job would make such an important decision with so little experience here.

We at Sam's worked with Rescue for over 20 years with a free Hunters' Breakfast, exposing the building and donating time and money for the organization's support.

One has to work with Rescue to understand what great citizens they are and how they take their responsibility for service and dedication to the whole area. They now cover most of southern Vermont. Where does the town start and end for the fire department? Rescue does not have to make that decision.

Remember also that a decision was made last fall to have Rescue continue its service.

The Selectboard and new town manager need to revisit this issue.

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