Bos-Lun cares about youth voice in government

We are at a turning point in our state. The climate crisis is looming, racism is rampant, inequities are stark, poverty is continuing. We need bold leaders who care deeply enough to make real systemic change before it's too late.

As the 2022 elections get closer, it's imperative that we elect leaders who are up to the task here in Vermont. Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun is a leader who is thoughtful, compassionate, hard-working, and dedicated, and I know she is up to the task of making our state a better place.

I met Michelle at the Governor's Institute of Vermont, where she was assistant director in the Global Issues and Youth Action Program. As a legislator, she led a workshop, “Making Laws, Making Change,” where she helped students craft their own legislation that she offered to potentially introduce in the next legislative session.

In this workshop, I collaborated with other youth to write a bill around anti-racism standards in schools. Michelle helped us on the bill even after GIV was over, continuing to meet with us regularly until we submitted the bill in December. Even as she was in session daily, she continued to keep us updated on the bill and worked with us as we tried to get it passed.

I am part of the Vermont Student Anti-Racism Network, a group of students working to promote anti-racism in schools. Michelle has been a full supporter of our group since the beginning, not only with the anti-racism bill, but with our other projects.

She brought us to testify in front of the House Education Committee about our anti-racism work. She has also been supportive of the work I have done with homelessness and housing, always willing to talk to me and speak up as a representative on this important issue.

Michelle also introduced a bill to reform the imposition of cash bail, and has spoken up for various issues in the Legislature. She is not afraid to stand up and speak out about what is right, whether that's criminal justice reform, homeless individuals, or youth voting rights. She has worked with youth experiencing homelessness, incarcerated individuals, and with foreign exchange students.

Michelle is a social justice warrior. It is clear to me that she cares about youth voice and knows how vital young people are to the future of Vermont. I continue to be impressed by her dedication and thoughtfulness. She truly is a dedicated and compassionate leader and I am honored to have gotten to work with her.

I hope you will vote in the 2022 elections to elect her to represent Windham-3: Westminster, Rockingham, and Brookline.

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