Directors to stage improv mash-up of Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland at Flatiron Café

BELLOWS FALLS — John Hadden and Sean Roberts, the directors of the two shows this summer at Main Street Arts, Hamlet and The Books of Alice in Wonderland, will stage a brief, semi-improvisational mash-up of the two plays, to be filmed before a live audience for promotional use on local media, at the Flatiron Café on June 4 at noon.

Members of the two casts will bring speeches from the plays and play a game in which they are interrupted by speeches from the other play, and have to try to make sense of it in a scene using only words from their text.

After this experiment, the directors will play a game called “Interview at a Café,” in which audience members ask questions about the two productions while drinking coffee and enjoying a Saturday afternoon.

The recently-formed company Wild Goose Players, run by David Stern, which just closed a successful run of Into The Woods at the Bellows Falls Opera House, is producing Hamlet, and Main Street Arts is producing Roberts's Alice. This is the first public occasion of the two companies working together.