‘Sing Out the Vote!’ concert features Emma’s Revolution, Annie Patterson
Emma’s Revolution is the California-based duo of Pat Humphries and Sandy Opataw.

‘Sing Out the Vote!’ concert features Emma’s Revolution, Annie Patterson

WEST BRATTLEBORO — Emma's Revolution and Annie Patterson are performing a fundraising concert on Friday, June 10, at 7 p.m. at All Souls Church in the West Village Meeting House, 29 South St.

This concert is a fundraiser for Movement Voter Project (MVP), a national organization that works to strengthen progressive power at all levels of government.

“With the release of a draft Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe, it's more urgent than ever that those working for women's and LGBTQ rights, racial justice and the planet come together to elect a progressive Congress. That's what MVP does,” concert organizer George Carvill said in a news release.

Emma's Revolution is the California-based duo of Pat Humphries and Sandy Opataw. Some of their best-known songs include “Peace Salaam Shalom,” “Swimming to the Other Side,” and “Sing People Sing” (for their mentor Pete Seeger). They have appeared twice before at All Souls and toured and recorded with many artists, including Holly Near.

Peace and environmental activist Gordon Clark has said, “I wasn't around to hear Phil Ochs or Woody Guthrie in person, but I'm damn glad I'm alive to hear Emma's Revolution.”

Annie Patterson is a singer/songwriter from New England. She is the creator, along with her partner Peter Blood, of the best-selling singalong book collection, Rise Up Singing. She also sings in the bands Big Yellow Taxi and Girls From Mars.

Her repertoire includes everything from jazz standards to Appalachian banjo tunes, from folk classics to uplifting and truth-giving contemporary songs.

Award-winning folk singer Reggie Harris says “Annie Patterson is one of the true lights in my universe. Her voice and presence makes every song she touches come alive. Her commitment to sharing the magic and power of song makes her the real deal!”

Emma's Revolution and Patterson have joined forces many times before. Now they are hitting the road in June to do fundraisers for MVP in five states. Movement Voter Project helps donors - big and small - support the best and most promising local community-based organizations in key states, with a focus on youth and communities of color.

Since 2016, MVP has moved millions of dollars from over 40,000 donors to 636 local grassroots organizing groups across 42 states. MVP state advisor Reema Ahmad said, “All those states that swung blue in 2020 and during the Georgia run-offs? Grassroots organizing did that, and MVP funded that.”

Annie Patterson said, “MVP is doing invaluable work at the grassroots level. I find it incredibly hopeful to see this organization at work. If we are going to make the changes I believe this country needs, then supporting MVP is absolutely on the top of my list.”

Pat Humphries said, “We are excited to use our work as activist musicians to support Movement Voter Project's mission of funding groups who are exposing corruption in elections and helping to reinstate voter rights, especially to BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other communities marginalized by voter suppression tactics. We are raising funds and bringing action, awareness, and energy to help them fulfill their organizing for full democratic representation.”

Tour organizer Peter Blood added, “A lot of people have already given up on the fall elections. But the only thing we know for sure is that giving up hope will ensure a huge victory for fear and greed. These concerts draw folks into a community of hope and empowerment - while also helping make a difference in this country.”

“The news can be so discouraging,” said Sandy Opataw, “and people are, understandably, concerned about the upcoming midterm elections. This concert is a chance for us to raise our spirits in song and, through contributions to Movement Voter Project, to directly support those whose votes and voices are being actively suppressed. And we couldn't be happier to be able to sing and tour again with Annie!”

The concert will be in-person at All Souls Church and will also be livestreamed. Those attending in person need to provide proof of vaccination and must be masked at all times. Tickets range from $5 to $20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. They can be purchased at the door or on-line at bit.ly/666-vote.

Anyone with questions about the concert can contact Carvill at 802-490-2052 or [email protected].

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