Ten Minute Play Festival opens at Actors Theatre Playhouse on July 14
James Duffy and Bridget McBride in “One, Two, Three” by Michael Weems, one of seven pieces in the Actors Theatre Playhouse’s Ten Minute Play Festival.

Ten Minute Play Festival opens at Actors Theatre Playhouse on July 14

The annual Ten Minute Play Festival at the Actors Theatre Playhouse runs for nine performances only, Thursday, Fridays, and Saturday evenings, July 14 through July 30, promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Ten Minute Play Festivals have been described by patrons as “Popcorn for the Brain,” and the Actors Theatre Festival has proven over the years to be one of the Playhouse's most popular programs, according to a news release.

The scripts are the result of a National Playwriting Competition the directors undertook to find seven extraordinary new plays. A review of more than 400 entries produced a collection of diverse, thoughtful, and entertaining material that makes this evening a special treat for theater goers.

Ten Minute Play Festivals have become a popular genre throughout the theater world. Thousands of these plays have been written by well-known playwrights as well as neophytes and students of theater.

“At the Actors Theatre Playhouse, the audience will be dropped into seven very different moments,” said producer Jim Bombicino. “They may not have all the information the characters have in that moment, and they may not have all the information when the moment ends. But they will certainly begin to understand why ten-minute plays are challenging, popular, teasing and fun.”

This year's selections include “Youth for Dark” by Keith Whalen, directed by Lionel Chute; “The Kevin” by Rob Burke, directed by Brenda Seitz; “Modern Art” by Straton Rushing, directed by Bob Kramsky; “The Lilac Ticket” by C. J. Erlich, directed by Jim Bombicino; “One Three Two” by Michael Weems, directed by Lin Snider; “The New Me” by R. A. Pauli, directed by Sherman Morrison; and “Benchmarks” by Glenn Alterman, directed by Wendy Almeida.

These winners again promise a wide range of theatrical formats from situational comedy to introspective drama, guaranteeing a little something for everyone.

“The Festival was established to encourage the production of new works from New England and now national writers,” said Bombicino, “while exposing our actors and directors to the techniques and practices of working with playwrights producing new plays.

“Each year the winning scripts are selected by a committee of playhouse directors according to established criteria for quality ten-minute scripts. We consider factors such as how well plays can be staged in our space, what scripts would work together for a balanced evening of theater, and how well audiences might receive them.

“Our directors this year are a veteran group, and the cast includes many actors whom our audience will surely recognize from over the years. The festival has been a training ground for new directors and actors, many of whom have gone on to direct or act in Main Stage and Staged Reading productions.”

Reservations are highly recommended and are available online at the Actors Theatre Playhouse website, atplayhouse.org. All tickets are $17, which includes a $2 reservation processing charge.

Visit the website for reservations and confirmations as well as Playhouse information, production photos, reviews, comments, volunteer opportunities and directions.

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