Gray: She can win and is ready to serve

PUTNEY — I supported Molly Gray in her successful bid for lieutenant governor in 2020 and am proud to be supporting her current campaign for Congress.

Molly has deep roots in Vermont, with parents from Windham County, an on-farm Vermont upbringing, and a Vermont education spanning from elementary school through law school.

While remaining true to her Brave Little State roots she has also gained meaningful experience in international affairs; Molly worked for years in Washington, D.C., as a congressional staffer and for the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she also led humanitarian missions abroad.

Aside from these impressive experiences and qualifications, Molly has also shown her commitment to our state and public service through her work as assistant attorney general, as a federal law clerk, and also as lieutenant governor, her current position.

Molly's vision for the state is based on her commitment to working families, equality of opportunity, and a sense of decency and duty for Vermont to lead the way in our country and in the world. She is uniquely poised to take up the proud mantle of Patrick Leahy and Peter Welch.

Over her term as lieutenant governor, we've seen how Molly will lead in Congress. Molly's “Recover Stronger” statewide tour and monthly “Seat at the Table” forums on a wide range of topics with experts all demonstrate her level of commitment to the state and the issues that matter most to working Vermonters.

Finally, I'm giving Molly my vote because she has proven that she can win. She is the only candidate who has already run in a statewide race against well-funded Republican competition - and won.

In this upcoming election it is critical that we keep Vermont's only Congressional seat blue, and I'll be voting for the woman who has shown she can win and is ready to serve.

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