Harrison: an up-close-and-personal knowledge of how municipalities work

WILLIAMSVILLE — With 10 of Vermont's 30 state senators stepping down - including both senators from Windham County - we need someone with experience in government to represent us in Montpelier. That would be Wendy Harrison.

Since moving to Vermont full time in 2015, Wendy's had firsthand experience as a municipal manager and/or administrator in the small town of Vernon (pop. 2,141), the medium-sized town of Rockingham (5,034), and the city of Winooski (7,320). She also has eight years' experience as an elected member of the Jupiter (Florida) Town Council, a municipality of 65,139. The population of Windham County is 45,906.

Wendy has an up-close-and-personal knowledge of how municipalities work, and what they need - and don't need - from Montpelier.

Wendy knows that sustainable business practices are good for both profitability and the planet. She chairs the board of the Southeastern Vermont Economic Development Strategies (SeVEDS), an organization dedicated to advancing economic growth and prosperity in Windham County.

Additionally, Wendy knows how important the nonprofit sector is to the well-being of Windham County residents. She has worked for or served on the boards of the Windham-Windsor Housing Trust, Friends of the West River Trail, the Retreat Farm, and the New England Center for Circus Arts.

But Wendy is perhaps most passionate about safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation. She believes in public transportation as a route toward sustainability, affordable housing, and access to education, jobs, social connections, and better health.

She's known to hold meetings while riding the bus to show skeptics that public transportation already works in Vermont and can be built out, reducing greenhouse gases and the Vermont households' spending on fuel. She has served on the State Board of Transportation since 2017 and was a member of the Southeast Vermont Transit board from 2015 through 2021.

When Wendy moved to Vermont with her family, she brought with her a wealth of experience in public service, and she has swiftly gained tremendous experience in how Vermont works at the town, county, and state levels.

A vote for Wendy Harrison is a choice for a woman who will work to make Windham County an even better, more equitable, more just, more economically and culturally vibrant place to live and work.

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