The Democrats are spreading fear — plenty of fear — because they have nothing else to sell

The oligarchy is using social issues like abortion rights to control the populace

BRATTLEBORO — Joyce Marcel's column is, unfortunately, a very typical and expected reaction to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She contemplates the possible return of slavery and a parade of horribles that includes the overturning of marriage equality, the end of interracial marriage, and anything else you can imagine.

This fits very well with the tactic of Democrats for the upcoming election: spread fear - plenty of fear - because they have nothing else to sell. Most of these fears are unwarranted due to societal changes that have made them almost invulnerable to attack or the fact that they are based in other parts of the Constitution that have nothing to do with the right to privacy.

This upcoming election will be my first time voting in Vermont. I am a strong supporter of abortion rights and plan to vote for Proposal 5, which will make the right to personal reproductive autonomy part of the Vermont constitution.

At the same time, I think the overturning of Roe v. Wade was probably rightly decided. If it wasn't, then I want a constitutionally invented right to brothels here in Vermont.

I think that the energy of many Vermonters protesting this Supreme Court decision is wasted because we know abortion rights are going nowhere in Vermont. This decision can benefit Vermont through the opening of new abortion mills here for out-of-staters.

* * *

It is no big surprise that Ms. Marcel suggests we contribute to the Democratic Party and continue to vote for Democrats in spite of how corrupt and feckless they are.

We ought to have a sophisticated understanding of these matters and how the oligarchy uses social issues like abortion rights to control the populace.

It works out perfect for the oligarchs. They supply Republicans and Democrats with endless amounts of money. Both parties engage in horrendous things by denying the public access to universal health care via Medicare for All due to the health insurance lobby.

The oligarchs also prop up the military-industrial complex through wasteful spending and spending on unnecessary troop deployments and foreign wars. Just consider the $40 billion that was recently sent to Ukraine.

While they are robbing us blind and not giving us what we need, they use abortion as a means of distraction and to give us something to fight about that does not involve their interests.

That is why supporting Democrats is the last thing in the world Vermonters should be doing.

* * *

Vermonters concerned with the abortion issue nationally can still act by contributing to organizations that support abortions for those who need them in states where it is not legal. They can give to local organizations that can pressure the legislatures in states like Missouri or Oklahoma to reinstate abortion rights.

In the meantime, we should recognize this tactic for what it is and seek to punish Democrats for their failures and corruption.

Personally, I am contributing $10 a month to third-party candidates who are running against both corrupt parties. Everywhere I can, I argue for instant runoff voting like they have in Maine to weaken the grasp that the two corrupt major parties have on the electorate.

More than anything, we need to break out of the two-party system that puts the oligarchs firmly in charge.

Unlike Ms. Marcel, I believe American oligarchs are a more clear and present danger than the patriarchy.

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