Zuckerman: the voice for the people in the State House

PUTNEY — When David Zuckerman spoke recently in Guilford, I was again impressed by his warmth and kindness, his grasp of the important issues of the day, his willingness to stand up to those who are blocking social, political, and environmental progress.

David informed us of the many ways he can use the office of lieutenant governor for the good of the state - the legislative importance of the position and, more importantly, the voice for the people in our state executive office.

We are in the midst of an ever-deepening climate crisis. While our governor is a racecar driver who has repeatedly vetoed vital climate legislation, David will be a voice for those of us who care deeply about the future of the Vermont climate. When we have temperatures in the 90s in May and in the 40s just days before, things are not going well. This crisis needs to be addressed with big actions.

David understands the extent of the housing crisis we face - many towns in the state currently have zero long-term rentals available and a truly minuscule number of affordable homes for sale. We are getting people who want to live in our beautiful state, whether due to climate or due to the ever-tightening grip the far right has on the red states, where people don't feel safe being gay, having gay or trans kids, or existing in an identity that is not acceptable to the Trumpists.

I trust David to help Vermont design a way to integrate our new residents without making the same toxic errors in development that have gobbled up open space and woodland in other states.

This is a dangerous time. We need a progressive, decisive voice in the State House to deal with the probability of illegal far-right election theft in other states, leading to attacks from the federal government on the rights of Vermonters.

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