Harrison: highly respected track record

DUMMERSTON — Wendy Harrison is the most experienced of the three candidates on the Democratic Party primary ballot for Windham County Vermont Senate.

All three are good candidates with policy positions that don't differ a great deal. What distinguishes Wendy from the other candidates is her decades of government experience at the town and state levels.

We need someone like Wendy Harrison who can hit the ground running in a Senate seat and work well with other colleagues and also take a stand from a place of the wisdom of deep experience to make government work for us.

Wendy has served as town manager in Rockingham/Bellows Falls, Vernon, and Winooski and made important contributions to the efficient and successful running of those town governments.

Prior to that, she served in leadership for government entities in Florida and brings all that knowledge and experience to bear in deciding to run to represent us in the state Senate.

Wendy is from a local family with a long and highly respected track record of honest and integrity-filled and outstanding public service in Vermont, and she carries those skills and values with her.

I, personally, want to know that my state Senator can think through and act on problems from a place of having made tough decisions, drawing on wisdom from a deep well of experience.

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