Artist Ven Voisey performs ‘choral work for disembodied voices’ at Epsilon Spires
Ven Voisey

Artist Ven Voisey performs ‘choral work for disembodied voices’ at Epsilon Spires

BRATTLEBORO — Multimedia artist Ven Voisey will perform his solo choral work “No Noumenon” in the sanctuary of Epsilon Spires on Friday, Aug. 5, directly following Gallery Walk downtown at 8 p.m.

In his free performance, Voisey will use live and recorded vocals amplified through an array of bullhorn speakers to create a layered composition that is in conversation with the multi-part music for choirs that would have historically been performed in the former church.

“Throughout my work, I find myself continually trying to build church or hold mass, not in worship or glorification of a specific entity, but as an interface with the unknowable through familiar, clunky, awkward, human means,” Voisey, who grew up as an altar boy and choir member in the Catholic Church, said in a news release.

He says that his religious upbringing is “in there deep, and I roll with it, which has me continually fascinated with ritual, space-making, and architecture, as well as structures of power, control, and resistance.”

Voisey, a member of the venue's board of directors, received a B.A. from San Francisco State University in a self-designed major combining humanities, electronic music, film, and conceptual art.

Danielson textile art show in gallery

The free performance of “No Noumenon” will take place during a two-month exhibition of Jude Danielson's textile works in the gallery of Epsilon Spires.

The Oregon artist's show, “Unseen Rhythms,” explores the meeting point between pure color perception and recognizable form in large-scale quilt interpretations of pixelated photographs.

The pieces are available for purchase in a silent auction held throughout the exhibit.

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