Clark: ready on day one to be attorney general

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont has never elected a woman to be our state's Attorney General, but we have the opportunity this year! My cousin, Charity Clark, is running in the August primary to be the Democratic candidate on the ballot in November. I believe she is the most qualified candidate for this important job.

With so much at stake at this moment - reproductive freedom, public safety, criminal justice reform, environmental protection - it is critical that we elect an attorney general who will be ready on day one to step into this role.

Charity has a long history of public service in the state, and for the last eight years she has worked in the Vermont Attorney General's Office, most recently serving as chief of staff. She understands what it takes to lead and get things done in all areas of the attorney general's work.

She will work tirelessly to make meaningful change on critical and timely issues such as reproductive health, gun control, domestic violence, and protecting Vermonters from consumer scams and robocalls.

I have known Charity all her life and know her to be intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated to protecting our state and making life better for all Vermonters.

You can learn more about her campaign and her qualifications at charityforvermont.com.

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