Hashim: trust and compassion to keep county well served

PUTNEY — Nader Hasim is ready to lead and use his skills, experience, and dedication to serving Windham County residents in the Vermont Senate. He has my vote and I hope he has yours as well.

I've gotten to know Nader over the last four years, serving with him in the Vermont House of Representatives. Our relationship continued outside the Legislature, and I've come to know him as a man open to learning, who listens to his own heart and those of others', and has the skill set to bring together people to get things done.

In his years in the House, I saw him quickly learn that building relationships of trust is the coin of the realm in the State House. Nothing gets done without building a team and working with groups, and anyone who has worked with Nader, in or out of the State House, has seen that in practice.

Nader also presents himself in a way that adds to his effectiveness. Making lasting change often depends on not just what you do, but how you do it. He is well aware of that and brings that kind of compassionate awareness to his work. It's another aspect that makes people want to work with him, enhancing his effectiveness.

As our two current state senators conclude their time after distinguished tenures, we will lose lots of experience and effective representation. Nader is ready to step in to build on those legacies and keep Windham County well-served.

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