Maple sugar makers host fall open house weekend

Vermont continues to lead the nation by a commanding margin as the top maple producing state. Total Vermont maple syrup production in 2022 was 2.55 million gallons, an 800,000 increase over the prior year and about half of the U.S. production of maple syrup.

To celebrate a productive season and introduce folks to Vermont's maple syrup, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association offers a Fall Maple Open House weekend on Oct. 8 and 9.

This addition to the annual tradition of the Maple Open House events in March gives Vermont's sugar makers a chance to welcome visitors near and far into their sugarhouses to learn, taste, and explore firsthand why people should think of Vermont first when they think of maple syrup.

While the sap is not running in the fall, there are plenty of ways to enjoy some traditional and not-so-traditional Open House activities - sugarhouse tours, sampling, tours of the woods, pancake breakfasts, and plenty of maple products to taste, including maple doughnuts, maple cotton candy, and maple ice cream and creemees! Find all the details at VermontMaple.org/MOHW.

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association (VMSMA), founded in 1893, is one of the oldest agricultural organizations in the United States and represents more than 1,000 members.

The VMSMA helps to promote and protect the branding of pure Vermont maple products and to serve as the official voice for the state's sugar makers. Their members take great pride in maintaining a prosperous maple industry and a working landscape that future generations will enjoy. More information can be found at VermontMaple.org.

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