Coffey: trusted values, good government, hard work

GUILFORD — I'm excited to vote for Sara Coffey for state representative in the upcoming Windham-1 race.

Everything is more energized when we voters have a choice among candidates. We have an opportunity to activate our voice, to find alignment on issues that really matter, to think into the future a bit.

When I consider what's at stake here in our district, there's no question that Sara will get my vote. Why?

Three reasons: Because Sara stands for trusted values, like community, equity, fairness, and respect. Because Sara knows that good government creates opportunity for every person. Because Sara has a track record of hard work and dedication to the residents of Vernon and Guilford.

In the last legislative session, Sara focused her energy on supporting families and small businesses impacted by the pandemic; on addressing challenges of housing, child care, and the workforce; on investing in strategies to combat climate change; on supporting students, teachers, and schools; and on investing in the build-out of broadband across Vermont.

Additionally, she stood up for racial justice, while working for just and equitable policies in criminal justice, policing, education, and environmental justice.

I've known and worked with Sara as a fellow arts presenter, as a fellow state and national advocate for Vermont's creative sector, as a fellow Guilford resident, and as a fellow public servant. I am consistently impressed by her readiness to listen and to hear, by her willingness to consider changing course when merited, and by her capacity for discerning and developing the seed of a good idea.

Sara's commitment to Vernon and Guilford is proven. I'm convinced that we all will benefit when we invest in Sara's future as our state representative.

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