Coffey: will work diligently on global climate issues

GUILFORD — Though I had met her much earlier, I first got to know Sara Coffey when I drove her around Vernon as she campaigned to become the state representative for Windham-1.

I was impressed by her ability to connect with and listen to people, whether or not they shared similar political views. I believe she understands the needs of Vermonters and has proven so repeatedly in the bills she has sponsored and supported in her years in office.

I believe the most important political issue of our century is the need to understand and address what is happening to the global climate. We need leaders who understand this issue, acknowledge its many impacts, and can bring along others who will work together to find solutions for the inevitable challenges we are all facing.

Vermont, with Sara's support, has begun this process with the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2020. Much more needs to be done, and done soon.

I believe we can trust Sara Coffey to keep working on this issue diligently and to do so in a way that is equitable for all Vermonters. This is why she will continue to get my support.

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