Mrowicki: effective presence and civil discourse

PUTNEY — It takes courage to read the news these days. Divisiveness, fear, and anger are rampant. These reactions especially affect politics - and sometimes they create a sense of unsurmountable polarization.

Fortunately, in this charged atmosphere, State Rep. Mike Mrowicki (Windham-4) provides a reassuringly reliable presence, effectively serving all of us at the state and local levels.

For 16 years, Mike has been engaging in civil discourse to find ways forward together in Vermont, especially on hot topics like civil rights, climate change, sensible gun control, and maintaining an inclusive democracy that serves us all.

I've known Mike a long time - as a brother-in-law, parent, musician, peacemaker, and engaged community member. I have admired him, and still do, for his listening, concern for others, humor, fairness, and commitment to making the world a better place for us now as well as for future generations.

I especially admire that for years he has worked steadfastly to increase food security, housing, child care, mental health, and other family services in Putney and Windham County.

In the Legislature, these qualities, along with Mike's leadership skills and bipartisanship, have opened the door to:

Reproductive liberty in Vermont: Proposal 5/Article 22, supported by Mike, will protect a woman's access to the health care she needs, when she needs it.

An inclusive democracy: Vote-by-mail, supported by Mike during the Covid pandemic to enable all voters to readily vote, enabled historically high voting turnouts in the Windham-4 district of Putney and Dummerston.

Racial/social justice: A founding member of the legislative Social Equity Caucus, Mike champions the rights of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ Vermonters. He brings the lens of equity and fairness to the Legislature's work.

Climate change response: As a member of the legislative Climate Solutions Caucus, Mike collaborates statewide and locally to implement actions and measure progress to effectively implement Vermont's Global Warming Solutions Act.

I spent my career leading and supporting multi-state collaboration across the Northeast, engaging state and federal agencies, communities, industry, and consumer and environmental advocates, to accelerate energy efficiency - our largest and most-available clean energy solution. I know firsthand the power of skilled leadership that engages and listens to a range of views to solve our pressing issues.

Today, Vermont and Windham County need Mike's skill and experience in, commitment to, and leadership for democracy and inclusion to advance practical solutions to our most pressing needs.

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