Do Republican candidates deserve public trust? No!

DUMMERSTON — A recent review by the Reformer of the current slate of Republican candidates for local and statewide government offices got me thinking.

Not one of the them repudiated Donald Trump; perhaps they weren't asked. Even before watching the last of the Jan. 6 committee hearings, it occurred to me that any candidate who doesn't condemn Trump and his plot to overthrow the government and the U.S. Constitution should automatically be disqualified for public government service.

My reading of the coy responses from these candidates suggests that they still believe the lies about the 2020 election. One even went to participate in the insurrection rally on Jan. 6, and another feels proud enough about neo-Nazi ideology to go and parade these despicable views!

Voters need people with good judgment to represent them in elected government positions.

Do any of these candidates seem worthy of public trust?

To me, the answer is a resounding no!

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