Harrison and Hashim: They have the skills for public service

BRATTLEBORO — Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim understand public service and have committed themselves fully to that work. Each has a record of effective collaboration all over Windham County with people of all ages, political perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and socioeconomic concerns.

Together, their expertise ranges from housing to law enforcement to environmental protection to economic development to transportation to the court system to public finance. Each has shown that they know how to solve problems creatively, with a commitment to providing real positive impact at an affordable cost.

Wendy and Nader are ready to step into the big shoes left by Jeanette White's retirement and Becca Balint's aspirations to represent all Vermonters in Washington. We are fortunate to have these two Democrats ready to continue Windham County's tradition of excellence as our listeners, collaborators, and effective leaders in the state Senate.

Don't just take my word for it. Becca herself says, “I'm proud to support Nader Hashim and Wendy Harrison [because they] bring a powerful combination of life experience and leadership skills [and] will represent us well in Montpelier.”

Please be sure to vote. And when you do, please join me in voting for Wendy and Nader.

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