Zuckerman: vision and values align with Vermont

BRATTLEBORO — David Zuckerman has been a leading home- grown Vermont Progressive for 22 years, first as a legislator and then as lieutenant governor. An organic farmer by trade, his work in Vermont is not done. He is running for his former position.

Social, economic, and environmental justice has been his platform throughout his political life.

Racial equality, reproductive rights, equal marriage, workers' rights to unionize, paid family leave, livable wages, and defending the environment are the values that have sustained him as a Vermonter.

David's values and vision perfectly reflect who we are here in what Calvin Coolidge called “this brave little state.”

So vote to protect the interests of the majority-regular Vermonters. David Zuckerman will work hard for us. And - oh, by the way - he is a nice guy!

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