Candidates differ widely on vaccine freedom stances

WILLIAMSVILLE — Health Choice Vermont surveyed statewide candidates about health freedom issues including government and private vaccine mandates.

The survey, which can be found in its entirety at bit.ly/687-healthchoicevt-survey, poses a number of questions to a number of candidates. I want to highlight two.

“Do you support legislation protecting against government vaccine mandates?”

Liam Madden said yes.

Becca Balint said no.

“Do you plan to preserve parents' rights to choose whether to vaccinate their children?”

Liam Madden said yes.

Becca Balint said no. (I contacted Sen. Balint via email for confirmation of her answer.)

Of course, candidates have the right to believe that everyone should take the COVID-19 vaccine. I believe that mandating this vaccine not only crosses the line of governmental rights - it is not based in logic.

It is common knowledge, at this point, that Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has acknowledged that the vaccine does not prevent transmission. And, on Oct. 8, during her testimony at the European Union Parliament, Janine Small, senior executive at Pfizer, just admitted that the vaccine was never tested for transmission before its release into the arms of the public.

So if being vaccinated does not prevent someone from making others sick, why would the government mandate this vaccination?

Currently, the medical freedom debate is taking the form of vaccine mandates. Regardless of our personal decision to get vaccinated or not, if we don't seriously consider the enormity of choice in this issue - when voting - who knows what medical/human rights may be threatened in the future.

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