Coffey: boosted by divisive rhetoric in Gassett mailings

GUILFORD — My enthusiasm for Sara Coffey has been boosted by the Nancy Gassett campaign's weekly mailings of plastic-coated alarmist broadsides filled with distortions of Sara's good works and misinterpretations of responsible legislation.

I'm surprised at how far these absurdities go - especially the pretend “liberal” broadside opposing Article 22 on the grounds that it would somehow enable “mostly straight, white teachers” to dictate the reproductive rights of “15-year-old” members of “the BIPOC community.”

Based on this cynically disguised, divisive rhetoric, voters should apparently protect minority reproductive rights by not granting them at all.

The choice boils down to voting for:

• a candidate who has so far professed no actual platform, whose photo appears nowhere, and who has granted no interviews but who expresses a negative philosophy through bulk-mailed propaganda

• a proven representative who has been openly communicative, personally helpful to hundreds of people in our towns, highly visible, efficient as a legislator, deeply involved in our communities, and positive about change.

Well, Sara Coffey gets my vote.

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