Harrison and Hashim: best qualified for job

BRATTLEBORO — Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim are my choices to be Windham County's new state senators. Here's why:

Wendy is a good listener and a creative problem solver. A lifelong public servant, she has achieved success as a municipal staffer, town manager, appointed board member, and elected policy maker. She has the most government experience of anyone in the race and will bring to the Senate her life experiences as a woman and a mother.

Nader is a former state trooper and state representative who is preparing to be a lawyer. He is smart, experienced, and compassionate. He is the youngest person in the race and will bring to the Senate his life experiences as a first-generation American and a person of color.

Wendy and Nader have earned my vote because they are the two best qualified candidates in their six-person race. Moreover, they have the temperament and demonstrated skills to meet the challenges Vermont faces.

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