Roberts: helps us practice more neighborly ways

HALIFAX — Tristan Roberts has been an active public servant for the town of Halifax for several years.

He has worked on the Broadband Committee, which has made significant progress in bringing the internet to our area. He has now served on the Selectboard as well and is well-known for his ability to communicate with people in a nonjudgmental way.

In part this happens because he is an excellent listener, but also because his love of Vermont is something most of us in Halifax share.

I have lived in Halifax for more than three decades, and I am so pleased to see the progress we have made in working together despite differences.

Cooperation in times of disaster is one thing that is in the DNA of Vermonters as a part of their survival. It is strangely more difficult when we speak of everyday differences of opinion.

This is Tristan's gift to us. His easygoing manner and careful listening combined with intelligence and commitment to progress help us all to practice more neighborly ways.

I support him with my vote to represent the Windham-6 district (Halifax, Whitingham, and Wilmington).

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