Wessel: service with measured reasoning and fairness

BRATTLEBORO — I've known Tim Wessel for two decades, both professionally and as a friend. Tim, a candidate for a Windham County seat in the state Senate, moved to Vermont in 2002 and has been serving the state since then, both as a local business owner and as a public servant.

He served multiple years on the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce board and as a Town Meeting member before running for Brattleboro Selectboard in 2016. There, he has served the town in a reasonable and equitable way as he considers multiple viewpoints.

Tim has served and supported our community with dedication and enthusiasm. He wants to serve Windham County in that same spirit, and I trust him to take his measured reasoning and fair attitude to the Vermont Legislature.

Tim chose to run as an independent because he has considered politics over the course of his life from many angles and perspectives and he has avoided being pigeonholed. He strives in all instances to make the best decisions to support our communities from a fair perspective.

Tim is an independent thinker with a strong sense of local pride and a long history of civic engagement. Please consider voting for him as our dedicated independent voice.

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