Cirque du Soleil partners with NECCA

BRATTLEBORO — The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) announced a new partnership with Cirque du Soleil's talent development program in what NECCA has called “all for the betterment of circus here in North America.”

The program, NexGen, is a collaboration between the largest circus in the world and six select talent training centers from around the world.

This partnership allows Cirque and NECCA “to share expertise and best practices in the field of human performance and provide high-caliber training opportunities to emerging talent, while also connecting students to career opportunities and building skills for coaches in a variety of disciplines at NECCA,” according to a news release.

“It's a win-win for both organizations,” said NECCA executive director Jenna Struble. “NECCA students and coaches will learn specific circus disciplines to further their learning and create a career connection to the global leader in circus performance.”

“In turn, Cirque will be keeping their eyes on future talent for their numerous productions,” she said.

The program will also “provide more access to career opportunities to local gymnastic and circus talent in our rural community and the surrounding region.”

The program will launch on Friday, Jan. 13, with a Hoop Diving workshop for 10 days at NECCA.

Applicants should be at least 18 years old and have skills in trampoline, tumbling, or artistic gymnastics, with experience in parkour or tricking as a plus.

Athletes and circus performers interested in working with Cirque du Soleil coaches in this program should apply by creating an account with Cirque du Soleil casting and applying by Tuesday, Nov. 22 at

Find more information on this workshop and NECCA's circus classes for all ages and levels at

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