Mollie Burke, representative, Windham-8

BRATTLEBORO — I wish to thank the voters of Windham 8/Brattleboro District 2 for once again selecting me to be their representative in Montpelier. I am thrilled and honored to be chosen.

I had so many wonderful encounters and conversations with constituents as I campaigned door-to-door. People were genuinely friendly and forthcoming. I appreciated connecting with old friends and acquaintances and getting to know new people, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic.

I am excited to continue the work I have been doing in the Legislature, particularly in the realm of electrifying and diversifying our transportation system. This has economic, environmental, and health benefits.

I will also continue to work on legislation beneficial to working families. I am deeply concerned about the opioid epidemic and its effect on our young people and our neighborhoods. And I support efforts to provide housing for a variety of needs.

I always enjoy hearing from constituents and helping people to navigate problems where state government can help.

My email is [email protected].

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