Power out
“Here’s Honor sleeping on top of me and my orange-colored childhood blanket.”

Power out

DUMMERSTON — Power out for three days.

We got 16 inches of snow.

Quiet settled in.

We were very fortunate to stay warm with the wood stove.

The pups napped with me on the couch.

Honor slept on top of me and my orange-colored childhood blanket that he also loves. Darling Gracie had extra biscuits while she healed a wound on her muzzle.

The well pump didn't work, so eventually the water stopped running. The dishes piled up. There was one fishy stinking cast-iron pan that ended up in a snowbank.

We drank snow water boiled on the stovetop. We made toast on the stovetop. We cooked soup on the stovetop. Thank you, wood stove.

The snowbanks became refrigerators. Thank you, snowbanks.

I read by candlelight. Thank you, candles.

I contemplated my sensitive, reactive, fierce self.

Thought about the wildcat who meowroarrs outside my bedroom window in the dawn hours. Dreamt about twin wildcats who were playing in the snow. Thank you, waking wildcats and dreams.

I visited with ceiling shadows. Thank you, shadows.

We danced by candlelight.

The memory of hitting a deer with my car a couple days ago kept resurfacing with great sadness.

Anhaldamawi nolka. Forgive me, deer.

Family and friends reached out.

Thought of friends, lovers, family, and ancestors who I love and miss. Thank you, friends and family.

I cried about addiction in my and other peoples' families.

I accepted - for the moment - that I understand that I don't understand the whys of life. Calmness arrived.

I received someone else's mail package by mistake. It was a football. I went in search of the football family.

I decided if I win the lottery I will build animal crossing bridges.

We gazed at the stars.

We questioned whether it is better to stay quiet or speak.

Decided both are good.

I felt badly for existing at all.

I gave thanks for my life.

* * *

Power is back. Dishes washed. Laundry in motion. Food in the refrigerator. Still very quiet up here in this beautiful place.

I hope you are all warm enough and safe.

That's all for now.

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