Auditions planned for Ten Minute Play Festival at Actors Theatre Playhouse

BRATTLEBORO — The Actors Theatre Playhouse (ATP) in West Chesterfield, N.H., will hold open auditions for its 2023 Ten Minute Play Festival at the Brooks Memorial Library Community Room on Saturday, Feb. 4, from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, and Monday Feb. 13, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

According to ATP, this year’s festival winners were selected from national submissions of more than 250 10-minute plays, which will be presented for nine performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, June 8 through 24.

“The plays that have made the final cut have gone through a vigorous screening by all our directors, and we look forward to bringing these plays into our production,” ATP organizers said in a news release.

Copies of the plays as PDF files for perusal by email are available from producer Jim Bombicino at [email protected].

If you are interested in auditioning, email or call/text 802-274-0503 to schedule an appointment for a given time on either date. If you are unable to attend either audition session, you may contact Bombicino to make other arrangements.

Since its inception 12 years ago, ATP said it is “proud to have created many acting and directing opportunities for seasoned actors and newcomers alike. Actor participation and enthusiasm are key to the success of the program and we take care to cast actors of various experiences, ages, and types.”

At the audition, performers will be asked to read from the 10-minute plays that interest them. Directors may ask them to read for other plays as well. People may audition for as many plays as they like, and they may be cast in more than one play.

Rehearsals for the 10-minute plays will most likely begin with a read-through in March and rehearsals in May, with the most intensely scheduled rehearsal time being the three weeks prior to the opening.

The directors this year are Wendy Almeida, Jim Bombicino, Lionel Chute, Bob Kramsky, Brenda Seitz, Lin Snider, and Ben Stockman. They will schedule rehearsals for their respective plays. Performers should plan to be available on call to rehearse during the final three weeks before opening.

The plays in consideration for production, and their plot and character synopses are:

Ode to Clouds, written by Carol Mark. “A fifty-something ‘hippie’ helps a distraught young newcomer re-frame her recent breakup by pointing out images in the clouds […] from the ledge of a New York apartment building.” Roles: Joni, 50s+; Stacey, 20s.

And Twice on Sunday, written by Brad Sytsma. “A comedic spin on one of the most basic elements of spycraft […] the exchange.” Roles: two agents, young man; man or woman; two “trench coats,” man or woman.

It’s About Forgiveness, written by Albi Gorn. “A reconciliation beyond the pearly gates […] can Myrna forgive Herman for the ultimate sacrifice?” Roles: Man and woman, 50s+.

Out From Under With Mary, written by Chris Shaw Swanson. While waiting for a drug test at an inner city methadone clinic, a suburban housewife realizes there is more to homeless Mary than meets the eye […] and ear.” Roles: Diane, 30s; Mary, 50s+.

Torrid Taxes, written by Laurie Spector. “As the tax filing deadline rapidly approaches, a beautiful woman with a dark secret changes the world of a dedicated CPA in ways he never calculated.” Roles: Chance, man, 30s–40s; Desiree, woman, 20s–30s.

Speed Date, written by Carol Mark. “Can you find love in two minutes? Crazy. How about eight? Maybe not so crazy.” Roles: Pam, 30s–50s; Tony, 30s–50s; and Sam the bartender.

Homeland Security, written by Mathew Widman. “A black comedy about who we watch, and who watches us. Big government and big business conspire to save America in the digital age.” Roles: man and woman 20s–30s; man and woman 30s–50s.

Independence Day, written by Rhea MacCallum. “A mom and her adult daughter share laughter and tears as they navigate the difficult road to terminal illness.” Roles: Alice, frail, 60s+; and Elizabeth, 30s–40s.

Fighting Mr. Right, written by Barbara Lindsay. “Does Marla really have the best strategy for finding Mr. Right? Roles: Marla and Joel, 20s–30s.

Leaving Nic, written by Connie Schindewolf. “Sue struggles to break up with her former love […] Nic(-otine). A comedy.” Roles: Sue and Nic, 30s–50s.

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