Vote in new Selectboard members to mend EMS relationships

BRATTLEBORO — The currently sitting Selectboard in Brattleboro has unfinished business ... and it cannot be accomplished by the currently sitting members.

For there to be honest and real “transparency,” three members of the board must change.

Richard “Dick” DeGray stands out first as someone who speaks his mind and - from personal experience, I can say - as someone who will think through an issue and debate it. Dick and I may not always agree, but we will hear each other.

Franz Reichsman is the detail person, I believe, measured and thoughtful. He has the needed background in emergency medicine to do the deep dive into our present quandary with EMS.

And Peter “Fish” Case showed his insight and evenhandedness by bringing together, virtually, the chiefs of the Brattleboro Fire Department and Rescue Inc. during an episode of Vermontitude, “A Path Back.”

This is exactly what we need. A path back to mend relationships so we can move forward.

This is the team to get it done.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, March 7. Your future depends on it.

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