Wendy M. Levy: ‘Libraries match my ethics and values’

BELLOWS FALLS — Hello, neighbors. I am excited to be on this year's Town Meeting ballot as a library trustee. I believe my leadership skills, my love for libraries, and my knowledge of how crucial they are to a community make me an excellent addition to the Rockingham Free Public Library's Board of Trustees.

I moved to Bellows Falls from Brattleboro in April, 2022, and I am so glad I did. One of my favorite things about living here is the Rockingham Free Public Library (RFPL). It's a beautiful building inside and out, and the librarians are helpful and dedicated.

While most of my interaction with the library is borrowing books, DVDs, and magazines, I also go there to read the newspaper, use the printer, do the communal jigsaw puzzle, attend events, and learn about local resources from the librarians. It's a nice place to be when I need some quiet but I want to get out of the house.

From the age of 5, when my mom got me a library card, I've been a fan of libraries. I love to read. My first after-school job was at the Dover (N.J.) Public Library. I am currently enrolled in the state's Certificate of Public Librarianship program, so some day I might even be a librarian.

I've been a long-time supporter of local, independent media. Some of you may recognize my name from The Commons, where I was a reporter for many years. A lot of my work there was covering municipal government; thus, I know how boards and budgets work. In 1998 I helped start a community radio station, and since then I've served in various leadership and volunteer roles at other non-commercial radio stations.

Libraries match my ethics and values. I am lucky enough to have a life that allows me some time for service, and RFPL is where I want to do it. Public libraries serve all visitors, whether or not they live in the town, and they provide free access to information, art, and entertainment. They are not owned by any profit-making entity. We all own them, thus we are responsible for them; their quality reflects our dedication to our community.

As a trustee, I will bring my love for collaborating on projects that maintain and improve my surroundings, and my attentive and inquisitive nature. I look forward to working with the director, the staff, the other trustees, the Friends of the Library (of which I am a member), and the community to ensure the library remains viable, accessible, and loved by you: the Rockingham community and our visitors.

I hope you'll vote for me on March 7. See you at the polls.

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