DeGray, Case, Reichsman: thorough, dedicated, and unafraid

BRATTLEBORO — Tip O'Neil said that “all politics is local.” Brattleboro has a very important local election coming up on Tuesday, March 7 regarding the Selectboard.

I am writing to show my support for Dick DeGray, Peter “Fish” Case, and Franz Reichsman.

All three are longtime residents who will demonstrate allegiance to Brattleboro practices and traditions. They are thorough and not afraid to ask the tough financial questions to insure fiscal responsibility. Finally, they are involved in the community in many ways which show their support and dedication to this town.

Becoming a Selectboard member would be a logical extension of these unselfish gentlemen's existing volunteer efforts.

I urge you all to vote Tuesday, March 7 and show your support for Dick, Peter, and Franz.

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