McLoughlin: It was a delight working with her

BRATTLEBORO — Brattleboro voters are in the enviable position of having a slate of excellent candidates from which to choose for Selectboard. All of the candidates are fine people, eager to serve the town, and brimming with ideas. It is comforting to know that all who are elected on March 7 will be good choices.

I have personal experience with one of the candidates, incumbent Elizabeth (Liz) McLoughlin. She was my main contact on the board late last summer when I was advancing the proposal that Brattleboro adopt the Declaration of Inclusion.

She was responsive to communications, both by email and phone. She was interested to learn about the initiative, and she was supportive of the final proposal.

It passed unanimously. It was a delight working with her.

Her willingness and desire to continue on the Selectboard are admirable - she wants to follow through on the work the board has started during her tenure, especially in the areas of social justice/equity, climate change, and community safety.

Please join me in voting for Liz on March 7.

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