'Like it or not, we need weapons of war'

BRATTLEBORO — I noticed that Bill Dunkel hit all the major points that gun grabbers would have us believe so as to carry out their nefarious gun-grabbing schemes.

Selective outrage at greedy gun manufacturers and heartless NRA executives provides a pretense of populism and care for the working class. I hope that here in Vermont the working class is not buying it.

I moved to Vermont from Florida, and the only thing I liked about Florida was the broad support for gun rights. I think Florida crafted a very sensible response to school massacres. School districts there have the choice to protect each school with an armed resource officer or designate certain teachers who volunteer to have access to firearms in case of emergency.

If you care to investigate what went down in Tennessee, the shooter chose her target based on how soft the target was. In other words, the target was a so-called gun-free zone. We ought to be smart enough to know by now that gun-free zones do not work.

The existence of AR-15s is what gives our great Second Amendment to the United States Constitution the power it has to keep our country safe and free. Like it or not, we need weapons of war in case we, the people, need to engage in a real insurrection.

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