Funding road work and not emergency housing: shameful

GUILFORD — Every time we drive or bike on Route 30, the $27 million dollar pricetag for rebuilding a functional road shows off the state's priorities. Many commuters on Route 30 have expressed the sentiment that the road was perfectly adequate, as were the replaced guardrails. Cars rule.

At the same moment, the state has decided that thousands of the poorest and least able Vermonters are to be tossed onto the curb like yesterday's trash. The lack of funding for emergency housing while the road expenditures seem unlimited is shameful.

While homeless Vermonters freeze to death next winter, you can lean on the gas and zoom up Route 30 in self-absorbed bliss.

If human needs were prioritized, we would think maybe we could slow down upon occasion if there was a dip in the road, knowing that our neighbors had a place to go at night.

And some of us would even feel good about that.

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