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St. Michael’s Episcopal Tag Sale yields $10,500 for Groundworks, Windham County Heat Fund

BRATTLEBORO — The St. Michael's Episcopal Church Terrific Tag Sale on May 6 yielded $10,500 for Groundworks Collaborative and the Windham County Heat Fund.

“It was a beautiful day, perfect timing for the 50th anniversary tag sale,” coordinator Liz Vick said in a news release.“People were lined up well ahead of the 8:30 a.m. opening; the minute the sale opened, they rushed into the outside tents to go through the array of clothing and furniture, and into the church basement where there were housewares, jewelry, linens, books and very tasty food.”

“Most items, other than food, furniture, and jewelry,” Vick continues, “were not priced and customers were invited to take as much as they wanted and to fill up bags or boxes in exchange for any amount they wished to donate.” She reports the total amount raised at the sale for the two nonprofits surprised even the organizers.

After expenses, St. Michael's Episcopal will be able to donate approximately $6,000 to Groundworks and $4,000 to the Heat Fund.

“The Tag Sale Team of St. Michael's has worked since January to organize this sale,” said Vick. “Putting it on once a year is a huge job, but it is made possible and fun by the many volunteers, from St. Michael's and from the community, who work together to make it happen. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help make the 2023 Tag Sale successful, and to everyone who attended and donated so generously.”

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