Brattleboro EMS: corrections where due

BRATTLEBORO — In my letter regarding Brattleboro's EMS project, I listed some incorrect costs, and I strongly believe that I have an obligation to clarify things and do apologize for not doing my due diligence.

After a conversation with Assistant Town Manager Patrick Moreland, I am able to speak on two issues where I was inaccurate.

First, based upon the town's EMS projections, it appears that the fiscal year 2025 cash flow will have little impact upon the general fund. I had erroneously predicted large annual losses.

Second, the total cost to implement the EMS is predicted to be in the $1.3 million to $1.9 million range. I had stated $1 million in my letter.

There are two possibilities on funding the startup costs. The first is using the stimulus funds, which currently has a balance of $2.7 million. This would completely fund the startup and leave money available for other projects. The other would be to bond the startup, leaving all the $2.7 million for other projects, but obligating the town to debt payments.

As I stated before, I question whether this whole EMS project is more than our town can handle. With seven new employees and the huge startup costs, is Brattleboro biting off more that it can chew? Can a much cheaper plan be worked out?

I urge the Selectboard to carefully weigh all the options to make a decision for the present and future benefit of Brattleboro.

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