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BAPC launches ‘Substance Over Substances’ campaign

BRATTLEBORO — Windham County Prevention Partnership (WCPP) - a coalition consisting of West River Valley Thrives, Building a Positive Community, and Deerfield Valley Community Partnership - is encouraging everyone to go "Substance Free" during the month of September.

According to WCPP, substances "can be anything we use out of habit to comfort ourselves in times of stress, uncertainty, loneliness, or boredom. Examples include alcohol, cannabis, sugar, or caffeine."

The organization urges people "to join us on a powerful and transforming journey this September prioritizing substance over substances for the full month," adding that "this is a fantastic way to reclaim your mental and physical well-being, boost your energy and attention, discover new loves and activities, and create healthy habits for long-term wellness."

The goal of WCPP's Substance Over Substances campaign is helping people to create "a life full of meaningful experiences (substance) without reliance on things that dilute or distract (substances) from authentic connections."

"We recognize that giving up alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, or sweets can seem intimidating; we absolutely understand! Starting out can be difficult, and breaking free from previous patterns is no easy task! But rest assured - it gets simpler with time, and the benefits are tremendous."

WCPP says participants in this campaign "will become a part of a caring community that understands your challenges, offers encouragement, and celebrates every step along the road."

For additional information, or to sign up for Substance over Substances September, visit

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