‘Regenerating Life’ film series opens at Brooks Memorial Library

BRATTLEBORO — Edible Brattleboro invites the public to experience what they call Climate Optimism at a series of screenings and discussions at Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St., of Regenerating Life, a feature-length documentary that takes an ecological approach to unraveling the climate crisis.

The film's thesis is that humankind's relentless destruction of nature has caused the climate crisis, and it proposes that we can reverse this destructive process by regenerating life.

Filmmaker John Feldman explores how life regulates the climate through photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, the water cycle, the dung cycle, and a vast interconnected soil network of fungi, microorganisms, and plant roots.

"He dives into the economic and political systems that have encouraged this destruction of Earth through the relentless quest for wealth and dominion and follows people who are working on solutions, looking for ways to repair the damage," say organizers.

"By working with nature, [these people] are restoring the forests, fields, wetlands, and oceans. They are regenerating soils to grow healthy food and build healthy communities as a solution to the climate crisis."

The sessions will take place on three consecutive Wednesdays beginning at 7 p.m.:

• Part 1 on Oct. 18, "Water Cools the Planet," features Didi Pershouse, who was interviewed in the film, for a post-film discussion.

•Part 2 on Oct. 25, "Life Sustains the Climate," has Feldman joining the discussion via Zoom.

• Part 3 concludes the series on Nov. 1 with "Small Farms Feed the World."

These events are free and accessible to people in wheelchairs. For more information, contact Brooks Memorial Library at 802-254-5290 or visit

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