Biden does not deserve maddeningly low approval ratings

A recent political cartoon pictures President Biden dressed as Santa Claus standing in front of a present-laden Christmas tree with a family in their living room. His presents include things such as reduced unemployment/more people employed, inflation down to pre-pandemic levels, low gas prices, etc.

The family is depicted rejecting his offers, saying something to the effect of "No, we're not buying it!"

This captures comically yet frustratingly the kind of headlines one sees these days of Biden's approval ratings being surprisingly low. To me, this is maddening!

I've lived through about eight presidential administrations, and I haven't seen a better president than Joe Biden in all my years. Barack Obama's administration came close in its ability to rescue the country from the 2008 financial crisis and the Bush and Reagan years of disastrous domestic and foreign policy.

Even if Biden's tenure as president were mediocre (it hasn't been; he's been remarkable in steering us forward in foreign policy, domestic prosperity, and a green economic future), the choice for 2024 would be obvious.

The stakes for this country could never be more severe and dramatic. Donald Trump is the biggest menace to our democracy, stability, and economic and environmental health as a nation since World War II and the threat from the fascist regimes of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

If you care about this country's future as the world's premier democratic republic, you will support President Biden in 2024.

Bill Conley


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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