Will Welch support Sanders' resolution?

On Nov. 28, Sen. Peter Welch released a statement calling for the then-temporary Israel/Hamas ceasefire to be extended. Thanks to Sen. Welch for his action.

Now, logically, Welch must co-sponsor Sanders' bill, S.Res.504. It contains the legal means to inquire into the catastrophic use of U.S. bombs on Gaza. After the State Department provides information on Israel's human rights practices, each senator will declare whether they agree with U.S. weapons being used to violate internationally recognized human rights.

Welch's rationale for an "indefinite ceasefire" aligns with Bernie's reasoning for S.Res.504. Their various statements match. Both Welch and Sanders denounce the loss of innocent life, the human suffering and destruction in Gaza. And they factually report that this massive death and devastation proceeds thanks to U.S. money and bombs.

Bernie expects a Senate vote addressing this question in January.

As a Vermonter, I invite you to encourage Sen. Welch to join his colleague and co-sponsor S.Res.504. His staff can be reached at 1-800-642-3193.

Deb Pierotti


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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