Jazz Center launches semester of classes

The Vermont Jazz Center will offer learning opportunities open to the public for this winter and spring. Most sessions are 10 weeks long and begin the week of Feb. 11.

In-person courses include Youth Jazz Ensemble, Anna Patton's Soubrette Choir, Latin Jazz Ensemble, two levels of Claire Arenius's Blue Note Ensemble, two levels of Jazz Guitar Ensemble with Draa Hobbs, and a Samba Percussion Ensemble led by Julian Gerstin and Ron Kelley. Brian Shankar Adler will teach the Art of Rhythm online.

Interested music learners may join a combo or chorus and get involved with performing while being guided by one of the VJC's professional faculty members. For those who have never improvised, that's no problem. There are opportunities for all, including classical musicians intrigued by jazz's structure and improvisational opportunities.

The classes will culminate with an afternoon of performances on Sunday, May 5, at at 2 p.m., at the Jazz Center's performance space at Cotton Mill Hill.

Sessions are 10 weeks long, except the Youth Jazz Ensemble, which meets for 8 sessions; the Soubrette Jazz Choir, which meets for 12 sessions; and the Samba Percussion Ensemble, which is ongoing.

For class registration and work exchange questions, email [email protected]. For questions regarding the Soubrette Choir, which begins on Feb. 6, contact Patton at [email protected]. For information on private lessons or specifics about curriculum, contact Eugene Uman at [email protected].

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