Davis: A 45-year record of getting things done

When it comes to candidates for Brattleboro Selectboard, Richard Davis is the real deal.

I have known Richard for over 40 years. We worked together at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. We started the Windham County Heat Fund in 2005, raising almost $1 million and providing heat for over 2,000 families.

Richard has served on many nonprofit boards. He also helped start Guilford Cares. When Richard says he will do something, he not only keeps his word but he accomplishes the task effectively and expertly.

He's the kind of person you want on your team when you are trying to make things happen. He is a team player with a 45-year record of getting things done for the people of Brattleboro, whether it is for the homeless population, those without access to health care, or anyone needing local services.

Richard has become the go-to person for many people in Brattleboro and surrounding towns. He has earned a chance to serve on the Selectboard, but he needs your vote to put him there.

Please vote on March 5. Your vote counts.

Daryl Pillsbury


This letter to the editor was submitted to The Commons.

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